Puppy Pink

There is an angry lady in the children's clothing section of the supermarket. I try to swerve back towards the bibs, but I'm too late: eye contact is made and now she's going to share her rage.

"Are these supposed to be for boys?" she demands, waving a pair of Paw Patrol sunglasses at me.

"Uh..." I'm all for shopping the whole children's clothing section, regardless of a kid's sex, but the shape of these make it clear that some designer somewhere intended them for girls. Angry Lady has a small, scarlet son with her, though, and I don't want anybody getting sent to the naughty seat because I put my foot in it. "I think they're just for everyone...?"

"They have pink on them!" she yells, pointing out the pink to me.

"They do." It's a small, bright patch, but, sure enough, it's there.

"Paw Patrol is a boys' show!" she's getting louder.

"Um..." I've never watched an episode of Paw Patrol, so I may be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure there's a token female character chucked into it so that girls can sit and watch it without their ovaries turning into testicles and prolapsing out of their body. I believe her role is to ferry the male characters to and from their adventures on time.

"THEY'RE TRYING TO TRICK US!" Angry Lady roars. And I'm not sure what she thinks the con is here - little boys being fooled into pink sunglasses or little girls being exposed to crime fighting puppies - but I'm pretty sure I'm on the scoundrel's side.