Babyccino Table Books - November

Our kids have soooooooooooooo many books, you'd be forgiven for thinking we didn't have a library at the end of our street (we do have a library at the end of our street; it's where our eldest child keeps "her" Maisie Mouse stories and a rather battered copy of the Topsy and Tim head lice book).

The thing is, despite them having soooooooooooooo many books, they tend to ask for the same handful over and over again. They each choose one book at bedtime and, for the past three months, I'd say we've done Feminist Baby and There Are Cats In This Book roughly 80% of the time. Both of which are great books which I thoroughly recommend but I'd quite like to read something else now and then.

Which is why I do Babyccino Table Books. That is: I grab a selection of their books and bung them on the living room coffee table for a few weeks, in the hopes that they might read them.

For the last wee while, we've had Halloween books on the table. It's only now that it occurs to me that I should have photographed them. They were:
  • Ghosts In the House by Kazuno Kohara
  • The Scariest Book Ever by Bob Shea
  • Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski
  • some pop up Halloween book which now lives in our mending pile
Anyway, the Halloween books were packed away this morning, and they have been replaced by (drumroll):

  • Baby's Very First Little Book of Little Babies
  • My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Patterson
  • Wish... by Emma Dodd
  • Little Owl's Night by Divya Srinivasan
That sodding book of little babies was in our eldest child's first Bookbug bag and we read it roughly 75 gazillion times when she was tiny. We read it so much that we plan to keep it and hide it away in a box in the attic to give to any grandchildren we might acquire in years to come. It's part of our parenting story. It's eighteen words long and babies love it, at those times when they can't just sit in front of a mirror, admiring themselves.

My Big Shouting Day is about a kid called Bella who's in a foul mood and stomps about yelling about everything. We're not in a particularly shouty phase at the moment (I've just jinxed it, though, haven't I?), but my three year old quite enjoys bellowing along with Bella (I have JUST figured out why she's named "Bella" - facepalm emoji).

Wish... was a gift when our youngest was born and neither child has ever sat through it because it's not brightly coloured, doesn't have textured bits, and never asks them to jiggle it or blow on the page, but it's the sort of lovely book which makes me feel like a good parent when I read it because it goes on about how special my children are to me. I'm sure they're absorbing the affection somehow.

And Little Owl's Night was one of the first regular bedtime books we read to our eldest, along with A Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na, both of which are gorgeous boardbooks about animals at night.

Three of the four books have been read this afternoon, so I'm counting this round of Babyccino Table Books as a resounding success. 


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