Babyccino Table Books: Six New Books

It's not even Christmas yet but we have six - six! - brand new books lying around our living room. (Actually, that's not true - three of them are hidden away, waiting to be wrapped and then unwrapped for the baby's first birthday, but you get the idea.)

There are also three library books kicking about, all chosen at random by the three year old, of which I recommend only one: The One Thing by Lauren Childs. It's a Charlie and Lola book and, as with all Charlie and Lola books, is bonkers and adorable and sneakily educational.

But back to the books we now own! They are:

Two Gifts From the Grandparents

Oi Cat & Friends Make Everything Better

Oi Cat! by Kes Gray & Jim Field
We already had Oi Frog! and Oi Dog!, both of which are firm favourites of our three year old. Oi Cat! is more of the same - ludicrous animal rhymes - but it assumes the reader has read the previous books and is in on the joke. Our three year old thinks it's hilarious (and she's not wrong).

Belle and Boo: Friends Make Everything Better by Mandy Sutcliffe
As with the three Belle and Boo books we already owned (there's a great big tiny fan in this house), this is almost too twee and sentimental, but is saved by how absolutely gorgeous the artwork is. I'd frame any of these pages. The premise is that on even the wettest, greyest, most miserable days, friends can use their imaginations to have incredible adventures together - and that's a message I can get behind. This would make a lovely gift for a best friend's birthday, in roughly the 3-7 years age range.

Two Gifts For Our Baby's First Birthday

You Belong Here & The Littlest Dreamer

You Belong Here by M.H. Clark and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault
An absolutely beautiful rhyming book, all about which animals belong in which sorts of homes, and how much the baby being read to belongs with her or his family. Our almost-one year old may not fully grasp the sentiment, but it's a gorgeous gift book we'll be attempting to keep rip-free.

The Littlest Dreamer by Suzanne Smith and Charlotte Cooke
I picked this up at random in The Works - it was in their 3 for £5 deal and I needed something to help me justify the two silly Christmas books I was already carrying around. It's told by a parent who is wondering what amazing adventures their daughter is having in her dreams. It's not exactly busting any gender stereotypes, but it also doesn't marry the kid off at the end, and it does encourage a wild imagination.

Two Books Chosen By A Three Year Old

That's Not My Snowman & The Snow Queen

That's Not My Snowman by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells
Don't you just WISH you'd come up with the idea for the That's Not My... books?! As with all the others, the little mouse is sniffing around, telling creatures they're too fluffy or shiny or scratchy or whatever (cheers, little mouse). Babies love this stuff. Give a three year old a baby sibling and they suddenly rediscover their love for these books, too. Anyway, our eldest chose this for her sister's first birthday with absolutely no thought whatsoever, but I bet it's going to be a hit.

Peep Inside A Fairy Tale: The Snow Queen
The That's Not My... book was on a Buy One Get One Half Price deal, so I let my three old choose a second book for the kids to share. This was her choice. The Peep Inside books are sort of... particularly intricate lift-the-flaps books... sort of. They're beautifully done and this one is no exception. It is so pretty. SO PRETTY. And The Snow Queen is one of the few fairy tales I'm at ease with, what with its brave female lead strutting off to save an imprisoned boy. This is a very simplified version of the story, but consider this book my Christmas gift recommendation for toddlers and preschoolers - it's enchanting.


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