A Bunch of Good Things

Cinema Trips
I had a one off trip to see Some Like It Hot - second time on the big screen and still just as funny. I also have a standing four-weekly cinema date with a friend of mine, which we stick to regardless of what's showing - we generally go for the silliest and/or most female-fronted film available, but this time we saw Bohemian Rhapsody and it was absolutely perfect.

I saw Jen Brister live and laughed so hard I spilled red wine all down the front of my brand new rainbow striped T-shirt. If you have even the slightest interest in feminism, parenting and/or cackling loudly (and, if you don't, I'm not really sure what you're doing here), go and catch one of her shows.

Also Book Group
Which I love, even when I am the only person who didn't enjoy the book.

Bras Which Fit
It's so nice not to be gouging wire out of my chest bone every evening.

Apple Pie
Homemade. Not by me; by Steve. With apples from his parents' garden. Good.

Soft Play Play Dates
I finally twigged that there's a soft play halfway between my home and the home-it's-hard-to-get-to-by-bus of some friends with similar aged children. A scheme was created. Babies chewed on plastic balls. Tea was drunk. We shall do this again.

Fading Hydrangeas, Crunchy Leaves, Golden Sunlight
All that autumnal good stuff. You know the drill - you read blogs.

Family Visits
Several of them. Most importantly: the one which involved four small children having such a great time at the Science Centre that they didn't want to leave (educational fun = opportunity to feel like an especially good parent).

First Shoes
My eleven month old is now toddling around in the teeniest tiniest Start-Rite shoes (size 2.5 - they're basically for dolls). She's ever so pleased with them. She carried them around with her all afternoon, on the day she got them, and kept sitting them neatly next to each other whenever she stopped to play.

Imminent Festivities
Said eleven month old is going to be one year old IN TWO WEEKS TIME. Her dad will be thirty-something a week after that. I'll be forty a few days after that. We have TONS of fun stuff planned around Christmas - nothing too flashy or stressful, just really sweet, twinkly, festive moments WHICH WILL NOT BE RUINED BY VIRUSES THANKYOUVERYMUCHDECEMBER. There's Christmas day itself. There are a couple of grandparental birthdays. And there's the calm and quiet surrounding New Year. If we can just keep everybody's vitamin C levels topped up, we should have six beautiful weeks, and I don't think I've ever looked forward to the festive season so much. (I DON'T BELIEVE IN JINXES, I DON'T BELIEVE IN JINXES, I DON'T BELIEVE IN JINXES...)

The Weekend
Time to sit down for grown up food and conversation.


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