Seven Things

Ways In Which I Behaved Like A Proper Blogger This Week

  • I bought two plants. I chose one of them because it looks like a pterodactyl.
  • I harvested a pumpkin grown by my very own child. It is big and turning orange on the windowsill.
  • I wore a jumper with a slogan on it. It says "No Rain, No Flowers" and I wore it to a garden centre for maximum self aware social media irony.
  • I put all the letters from my super-trendy peg board thing into a very pretty tin.

Ways In Which I Did Not Behave Like A Proper Blogger This Week

  • I did not photograph any of these things.
  • I decided against the stylish copper bedside lights which would have gone perfectly in my dark green bedroom because there was too high a risk of the kids smashing the bulbs/smearing them with fingerprints.
  • I let my three year old wear a garish supermarket-sourced witch costume with a massive hole in the front for seven days straight (and expect to do the same again next week, too).
  • The coconut milk in my fridge went bad.

October Holidays

We are halfway through the local tattie picking holidays, and I'm loving having my three year old at home with me. I know it's widely frowned upon to enjoy spending time with your kids (and, believe me, bedtime is often a race against the hourglass of my patience) but my children (one 3 year old; one 10 month old) can be such lovely company right now and I can't get enough of watching their personalities emerge. We've had the time to see my eldest's oldest non-nursery friends and to read books and to do painting and to take our time when we're out and about, and a large part of me wishes I could keep her at home forever. Except that I'd soon run out of energy and she loves spending three hours a day with other preschoolers. So: I'm making the most of the holidays while I can.

Pop Culture Stuff

My partner and I are watching Stranger Things 2, only a year after everybody else. I just read To All the Boys I've Loved Before which was entertaining. I haven't been listening to anything because I don't know the password for our speakers.

Actually, that's not true - there's a new show on CBeebies called Catie's Amazing Machines in which a female rally driver whose hair is permanently swept to one side of her head (presumably by HIGH SPEED) whizzes around in great big vehicles; my kids have zero interest in this show but I feel like I need to give some ratings to anything which furthers gender equality so I leave it on (that, and it's on quite late in the day when I'm too tired to walk over to the TV and press a button). Anyway, the point of me telling you this is that the soundtrack is done by The Darkness. High pitched wailing, speed thrumming, novelty rockers, The Darkness. It... um... stands out quite a bit in amongst the bouncy pop of vaguely scientific cartoons, and it has been stuck in my head for days. So I've been listening to thatHere's a link, if you feel the need to experience it for yourself.

My 10 Month Old's Current Favourite Things

  • Snack wrappers.
  • That one blue square from the homemade Fuzzy Felt.
  • Shredding her big sister's artwork when nobody's looking.
  • Toddling as fast as she can in great big looping circles which end with her crashing onto her bottom millimetres from a hard, sharp object.
  • Pursuing horrified cats.
  • Pears.
People keep asking me what they should get her for her first birthday and/or for Christmas, and I feel like this list isn't helpful. We don't have room in our garden for a partridge, after all.

Ethical Bleeding

Another period has arrived and I still haven't bought a new menstrual cup. I used to swear by my Mooncup; I bought it about fifteen years ago and that was going to be me sorted for the rest of my reproductive life. Then I had babies and, despite going up a cup size... well... it turned out my pelvic floor isn't quite what it used to be. And doing my exercises once a month in the middle of the night probably isn't the fastest way to sort that out. So I've spent a large part of this evening researching my menstrual cup options and have forked out £23 for the one which comes in bright orange. 

Success Story of the Week

One sweet pea flower. One. From the seven sweet pea plants the kids and I grew this summer.

It is the only sweet pea flower I have successfully nurtured in my thirty-nine years of life; no aspiring gardener has ever been so proud.


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