Boo! 👻👻👻

Okay, Honestly...?

There's nothing Halloween-related in this post, but I did just realise I could do a ghost emoji on my laptop so: 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻.

The Big Debate In Our House Right Now

I grew up eating Wagon Wheels and Orange Clubs, but never Space Invaders or Monster Munch; my partner grew up eating Space Invaders and Monster Munch (not because they were at all nice but because they had "Space" and "Monster" in their names), but never Wagon Wheels or Orange Clubs. Which of us was less wrong?

Obviously, I was less wrong. Obviously. This is my blog and I form the opinions. Monster Munch and Space Invaders are just packing foam with a dose of bright orange chemical powder on top (unlike, say, Wotsits, which I greatly enjoyed until they changed the recipe), whilst Wagon Wheels and Orange Clubs - which my partner dismisses as "nothing but concentrated sugar" - provided blasts of hyper energy to get me through until dinner.

But we want to know where the rest of the internet stands on this: sweet or savoury ill-advised childhood treats?

Current Eco Dilemma

What do we do with our old baby car seat? The charity shops don't accept them; nobody seems to want it for free; they can't be recycled; and, as much as I'm into reusing things where possible, I don't want to rip out the foam and turn it into a clunky plastic garden planter, thankyouverymuchpinterest. And did you know that car seats (apparently) only have a six year life span? There must be mountains of these things - these hulking great lumps of foam and moulded plastic - building up in landfill and it makes me feel so angry.

And, yes, I use disposable nappies, so I'm being incredibly hypocritical here. And, yes, child safety is extremely important - I'm not suggesting we all hightail it back to the 80s and drive around with our babies rocking about in the boot alongside the weekly shop. But... but... but... I don't know... it just seems like a ludicrous situation that we - who don't even have a car - found ourselves acquiring a baby car seat that we've used less than twenty times and now have to take to the dump.

On A Similar Note:

If your partner had just found a set of keys in a secret pocket of a little-used bag and neither of you were sure whether they were for the flat you sold five years ago or the flat your friends sold one year ago or the flat your partner was living in ten years ago, when you first got together, what would you do with them...? We spend so much of our lives actively trying not to lose our keys, it feels wrong to voluntarily bin them.

Finally, Answering A Question I've Been Asked A Lot This Week

Why have I moved to a new blog?

  1. I couldn't seem to go to a toddler group without being recognised. I mean, my old blog was tiny by parent blog standards, but... not that tiny, apparently. And, while I was awkward-but-basically-okay with strangers knowing my name and how long each of my labours took, my kids didn't sign up to be part of a "brand". I didn't actually show pictures of their faces on the old blog, but, let's face it: if I'm hanging out with two girls who look like mini versions of me and are the same ages as the daughters I blog about, the odds are good that these kids are my kids, right? So, I decided to distance myself from the old blog by changing domains and stopping blogging about some of the more recognisable details.
  2. I did try to stop blogging altogether, but it turns out I'm calmer and happier when I'm turning life's stresses into entertaining stories. I guess it's a control thing and I guess I could ask that therapist I know whether it's healthy/narcissistic, but I'm fine with using blogging as a coping technique. 
So here I am. And I'm so thrilled you've come along.


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