Some Things Which Have Scared Gizmo Recently

Our boy cat, Gizmo, is an enormous beast. Weighing in at a stone, he's not heavy for his size - he's just huge.

He's also adorable. Even people who don't like cats like Gizmo. There's something irresistable about a cat roughly the size of a bear squeaking like a kitten, purring in his sleep and chasing his own gigantic tail.

But Gizmo is also a bit of a coward. Rarely a day goes by when that enormous tail doesn't puff up in terror at... apparently nothing.

Here are some of the things which have had Gizmo fleeing for safety over the past couple of weeks:
  1. The gurgling noise when water goes down the shower drain.
  2. His own reflection in a glass door.
  3. The realisation that humans sit above a hole whilst doing the toilet.
  4. The doorbell. Every time.
  5. A dark mark on the wall.
  6. Tin foil.
  7. Polly chasing him after he had meowed at her to do so.
  8. A live but extremely tiny spider.
  9. A large but extremely dead spider.
  10. The power cord on our GRO EGG.
  11. Raindrops on the living room window.
  12. A bit of paper.
  13. A friend blowing his nose.
  14. Whatever he was dreaming about an hour ago.
  15. The clothes horse getting bigger or smaller unexpectedly.
  16. Steve reaching down to stroke him.
  17. Cat biscuits.
  18. My yoga ball rolling across the floor.
  19. The sound of the letterbox.
  20. A book being on the sofa when he hadn't left it there.
  21. A gust of wind while he was looking out the front door.
  22. Voices down the street while he was looking out the front door.
  23. A bin bag full of old wallpaper.
  24. My big toe wiggling.
  25. One tassel on his favourite blanket.
  26. His tail.


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